Low Speed Ventilation

  • The lowest PUE compared to all other solutions.
  • Higher reliability of the overall system.
  • Significant reduction of maintenance in the white space.
  • Prevention of nuisances like “hot spots”.
  • Higher water temperatures and therefor even better performing Free Cooling.

How does Low Speed Ventilation® accomplish that?

By reducing the air speed, by minimizing the pressure differences within the Data Center, by removing the CRAC-units from the white space and (optionally) by using outside air.

It sounds too good to be true!

It’s true and all about physics. A smart integration of the climate aspects in the Data Center design, prevents the occurrence of high air speeds and reduces the related energy consumption, the maintenance, hotspots and initial investments.

High availability, stable temperatures and stable humidity for the equipment.
Multi-positionable racks and IT hardware.
Robust and simple technique in a comfortable and safe work environment.
Up to 20% economy on investment with new developments.
On demand expandable cooling facility without primary process disturbance.
Extremely low energy consumption in data centers that are completely or in start-up situation .
Up to 30% economy on maintenance costs for present state-of-the art data centers.
Video about Low Speed Ventilation®
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